Apple comes with its own cleaning cloth for screens.

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Apple’s new AirPods, MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads were all unveiled with considerable excitement in recent weeks. Apple also secretly released its own cleaning cloth, complete with an Apple emblem.

Apple products are notoriously expensive, as seen by the latest MacBook Pro, which retails for between 2249 and 6839 euros. You don’t want to scratch such a gadget, so Apple suggests using “a delicate, lint-free cloth” to clean it. What type of soft cloth are you talking about? Take, for example, Apple’s own polishing cloth.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple discreetly introduced the cleaning cloth for 25 euros to its shop on Monday, among the new AirPods and MacBook Pros. According to the Apple website, “You can safely and efficiently clean all Apple displays, even those with nano-textured glass, using this soft and non-abrasive cleaning cloth,”

The fabric is light gray with an Apple logo on it. Furthermore, how the fabric varies from a standard microfiber cloth is unknown. The fact that there is a distinction is, nevertheless, self-evident. Apple, for example, has been including a special cleaning cloth with its Pro Display XDR, a professional panel with nano-textured glass to reduce reflections, for quite some time.

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