Nothing Phone 1 quirky design aims to light up market

Nothing Phone
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This is the nothing phone. I’m going to start by showing you the thing that makes it different and the thing that everybody’s talking about because that is the back.

If you look at it here, you can see it’s kind of translucent on the back here, and there are hundreds of little led lights in these distinct patterns here, and the idea is that they double up as notifications.

I’ll show you quickly what I mean. I just go into the settings here and get you can see that one just comes up with a little flashing light in the corner. You’ve got this if you have the phone face down.

You can see from the lights what kind of a notification you’re getting, and you can even attach a particular ringtone to a particular contact, so you can see who’s calling you without having to turn the phone over.

We’re talking about the actual physical phone. It’s worth saying that this device is on the chunky side. Let me show you what I mean. I’ve got a little pile here of phones of various makes, and let me put the non-existent one on the top.

You can see how much thicker it is compared with the others. What’s the biggest thing inside the phone these days? It is, of course, the battery. Nothing says that the battery on this phone is good for 18 hours between charges.

I’ve been using this phone for four days and I’ve only charged it once so far, but what I have is a production unit, so I haven’t got anything on it, so I’ve had to hand pick some apps.

Fundamentally, what’s inside this phone is a standard mid-range Android phone. If you’re used to using Android phones, you’ll be used to using this. Nothing is quite as proud of its environmental credentials here.

It says it’s used 100 recycled aluminum in all of its phones and that over 50 of the plastic components are either recycled or from a bio-based source.

Let me tell you a little bit about the camera. It’s got a 50-megapixel camera on the back and 16 megapixels on the front, which is perfectly fine for taking selfies.

But ultimately, there’s been so much hype around this phone; it’s had thousands of pre-orders and that suggests that people are quite keen to get their hands on it; but given the current economic climate, a translucent back and some funky lights are enough to persuade people to part with their money.

The challenges for nothing are immense. They have so many different things set to one side, launching a mobile phone into a market that is totally dominated by two giants, Apple and Samsung, who have almost you’ve also got really tough economic headwinds right now.

People are really reviewing how they look at their mobile phones. Will they keep it for longer? Do they need to upgrade the one that they’ve got or do they want to take a risk on a brand that they don’t know much about?

The nothing phone was designed by Carl Pay, who co-founded the phone brand one. You’ve managed to create quite a buzz around the product, haven’t you?

Yeah, I was tweeting this weekend that there was too much. You created too much of a buzz. We just didn’t expect it. We knew people would pay attention because the entire industry has been kind of stagnant, so us bringing something different to the market, a lot of people would want to know what it is but the amount of interest has just blown our minds.

Why did you call it nothing? Well, there’s an official answer and a non-official answer. The official answer is, you know, as technology becomes more and more seamless, intertwined, and ingrained in our lives, it just fades into the background.

It’s so easy to use, it feels like nothing but The truth is I had a lot of other names and I was discussing with my little sister all these different names I had and she told me that they were all really bad, so I eventually said okay, I’m just going to call it nothing and she’s like yeah do it.

That’s really good. Do you think that you can energize the market in the way that you want to? I think based on all the anticipation and all the excitement that’s out there right now, we’re well on our way to doing that, but ultimately, the real test is the product.

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