Occupational therapist jobs in Maine

Occupational therapist jobs in Maine
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What Maine-based businesses are recruiting for positions in occupational therapy?

The Margaret Murphy Centers for Children, Morrison Center, Watch Me Shine Inc., Select Rehabilitation, Voco Vision, Powerback Rehabilitation, Aya Healthcare, Allied Travel Web, and South Portland School Department are the top employers right now for occupational therapy employment.

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Which cities closest to Maine have the most employment openings for occupational therapy?

In addition to Bangor, Lewiston, Augusta, Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Brunswick, Presque Isle, Biddeford, and Waterville, there are available occupational therapy positions in a number of nearby communities to Maine.

Where are occupational therapists most in demand?

  1. The 11 Cities Where Occupational Therapists Are Most Wanted
  2. CA: San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara.
  3. California’s LA-LB-Glendale region.
  4. Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Deerfield Beach.
  5. New Jersey Edison-New Brunswick
  6. CA: San Diego, Carlsbad, and San Marcos.
  7. Nevada’s Las Vegas-Paradise.
  8. California’s Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Irvine.
  9. Dallas, Plano, and Irving, Texas

Which state offers occupational therapists the lowest pay?

Occupational therapists’ salaries have increased significantly in several of these states. The average occupational therapist compensation climbed by 11.5 percent over the previous five years in North Dakota, the state with the lowest pay, from $63,070 in 2014 to $70,350 in 2019.

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Is working in occupational therapy stressful?

It might be demanding to work as an occupational therapist.

As a result, even though you get to assist patients in a meaningful way and aid them in reaching their objectives, you will probably always battle to be productive.

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