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Persia discusses a chance to play Elden Ring early on Xbox, Elden Ring's day one patch, and more on today's GameSpot News.
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Persia discusses a chance to play Elden Ring early on Xbox, Elden Ring’s day one patch, and more on today’s GameSpot News.

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated RPG from From Software, will be released tomorrow, but you may not have to wait that long to get started. In certain areas of the world, it’s already February 25, and some players have discovered that changing your Xbox region to, say, New Zealand or Australia, allows you to play Elden Ring right now. This also necessitates a digital copy of the game and may result in you being blacklisted, so proceed with caution.

You’ll also need to download a day-one patch before you start Elden Ring for the first time. The patch promises bug fixes as well as minor adjustments to components such as player controls and game balance.

Various language and balance tweaks, NPC event updates, and more were among the additional fixes highlighted. On, we’ve obtained the complete list for the first patch.

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