Wanda Nara accuses wife of treason

Wanda Nara accuses wife of treason
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Is Wanda Nara’s marriage to Mauro Icardi, a professional soccer player, over?

Natasha, the 33-year-old Argentinian beauty, allegedly used social media to accuse her spouse, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, of sleeping on her because then stopped following him on Instagram.

Wanda, who marries Mauro in 2014 and has two daughters, Frances and Isabella, penned a furious letter in Spanish on Saturday evening, stating, “Another family ruined overs.

Nara was accused of fraud on her former, Maxi Lopez, and Microcirculation himself when they were both working for Real Sociedad at the moment. Lopez, also known as Vacations, was a good friend of Mauro’s and welcomed him into his home when he arrived in Italy.

Lopez and Nara divorced in 2013, and 6 months later she married Icardi, despite Lopez refusing to shake fingers with him at the “Wanda Cup” or Sampdoria’s match against Ac Milan in the German league.

Mauro Icardi, a world-famous player for PSG, and his wife Wanda Nara are on the verge of divorcing. With a social media post, Nara, who divorced Maxi Lopez and married Icardi years ago, accused the father of her two children of treason.

Cold winds are blowing between Mauro Icardi & Wanda Nara, one of the most well-known football couples in the world. The European press focused on the couple’s unfollowing each other on Instagram and Nara’s most recent post.

Mauro Icardi, who plays for PSG in France, has been accused of cheating on his wife and manager Wanda Nara. Wanda Nara confirmed this assertion in a tweet on her social media account.

Nara’s marriage to the Argentinian from PSG is coming to an end: his spouse accused him of treachery on Instagram. There’s also a message from her to a buddy that says, “I’m divorced.”

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s marriage may have come to an end. If reports about players’ alleged treachery began to surface in Argentina in the last few days, Wanda offered a key indication about the incident by posting an Instagram story with the following original content: “You wrecked a household.

The ghost message is as follows:

The message was first taken down, only to be re-posted: a decision that would serve as the story’s foundation. Wanda has ceased following her husband on social media, but that’s not all: China Suarez, a well-known actress who, according to the Argentine press, is the source of Wanda’s rage, has also vanished from the list of followed profiles.

“I got divorced”

The web continues to release details on the newest chapter of the Icardi-gate in Argentina and beyond. One of the most recent additions to the narrative is a post by a Wanda friend who, in a show of support, posts a message purported to Mauro’s wife with the unambiguous. “I got divorced”

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