What kind of careers are in digital media

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A career in Electronic Media

Electronic media is an interesting and creative field for career building at present. Television is a big field of electronic media. As a career, electronic or TV media has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh in the last decade. At present, there are more than 30 public and private TV channels where more than 10,000 people are already working. Outside of these channels, there is more manpower working in other production houses involved in visual media.

As a career, media is bringing income as well as fame, due to which thousands of young people are leaning towards this profession. But how to start a career in media? What are the fields in this profession? What are the benefits? Many people may lose interest in building a career in this profession due to such questions. has published this article keeping their words in mind.

Domestic channel history:

The journey of electronic media started in Bangladesh through Bangladesh Television. It started broadcasting in black and white on December 25, 1984. At that time it was known as Pakistan Television. After the liberation war, its name was changed to its present name.

It started broadcasting in color in 1980. Later, in 1996, ATN Bangla started broadcasting in Bangladesh as a private TV channel. In continuation of which many more domestic channels have continued their broadcasting activities.

Areas of work in electronic media:

Department of Events

In electronic media, the program department is considered an interesting field. This department conducts other programs besides news. Staff in this creativity-dependent department include producers, co-producers, and scriptwriters. And so in order to work in this field, one must be creative. Every day he has to work with new ideas or program design.


In electronic media, the producer is the coordinator of a specific program. He plans, shoots, and edits any event and makes it useful for publicity. He supervises the work of everyone under him and makes necessary edits. And so a producer has to master creativity as well as management techniques.

Assistant Producer:

As a field of work, one can start a career in the program department as an assistant producer. The assistant producer assists the producer in managing the show. The co-producers supervise the program to see if it has all the necessary equipment and equipment. He also oversees the progress of the producer’s direction program.

In order to build a career in this position, the candidate has to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and at the same time be creative. The initial salary structure is between 10-15 thousand. An assistant producer has the potential to become a producer through step-by-step promotion on the basis of skills.

Script Writer:

One of the most important positions in the program department is as a scriptwriter. The main responsibility of a scriptwriter is to compose scripts for channel programs. And so a scriptwriter needs to be proficient at language as well as creative. The program department is called the lifeblood of electronic media.

So to work in this case, one must have the determination. Since electronic media viewers watch television for long periods of time during the holidays, the staff involved in the program department have to be busy most of the time. Even on public holidays.

News section

The news department is an important field in electronic media. All news-related work is done through this department. The events that are constantly happening are publicized through the news. In news-based television channels, almost everything is done around the news department.

The field of those who work in the news department of electronic media and print media is almost the same, but they have different names in terms of titles. In newspapers he is called sub-editor, in television, he is called news editor that is, those who work at the desk are called news editors.

There are opportunities to work in the news department in the following posts:

1. Reporter

The reporter is the main driving force of electronic media. A reporter collects information on daily happenings, conducts interviews, and prepares reports. Reports a reporter has to present most of the time in front of the camera.

And so it is essential for a reporter to have instant fluent presentation techniques and word accuracy. In this case, post-graduates in mass communication and journalism get special priority to build a career.

2. Beginner Newsroom Editor

Apprentice newsroom editors are usually recruited from the entry-level. Therefore, the initial salary structure for this position is usually limited to 15 to 20 thousand. As a field of work, the employee in this position has to sort the news given by the desk in charge keeping in mind the needs of the audience. Promotion to the post of ‘Newsroom Editor’ can usually take place in 1 to 2 years depending on the work efficiency.

3. Newsroom editor

The job room editor job is to get the news from the beginner newsroom editor approved by the senior newsroom editor and to make sure the news is being served properly. The salary structure of a newsroom editor varies from 25 to 30 and can be promoted to senior newsroom editor based on work efficiency.

4. Senior Newsroom Editor:

Senior newsroom editors select potential news bulletins from the self-coordinated news of the National Desk in charge. The salary structure of this post is between 40 to 45 thousand.

5. News Presenter:

A news presenter or news presenter serves the news in front of the audience. The job of a news presenter is usually to present a complete report, to give a general idea about it before the report is presented, and in many cases to collect and present information in direct contact with the reporter. A news presenter has to possess attractive eloquence, clear pronunciation, and beautiful presentation techniques.

Career in Broadcasting

As a result of the global information technology revolution, the type of work of the Broadcasting Department along with other departments is changing and expanding. With the help of the Broadcasting Department, TV channels make audio-video messages visible and understandable to us.

Basically, the staff of this department does various TV programs and news on-air in the program department. The broadcasting department of a TV channel usually does the job – video editing, master control room work, schedule supervision during TV shows, and various technical tasks.

Usually, those who work in this department are; Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Video Engineer, Broadcast engineers, Directors of Photography, and some Technicians.

Video Editor:

The work of video editors in the Broadcasting Department is a practice that combines technical and creative work. A good editor must have imagination and knowledge of basic software and hardware. Because an editor has to censor the TV programs produced by the producer/production house. It is the job of the video editors to make the various television programs beautiful and visually appealing.

Trained, experienced and creative people can work in this regard. Must have a clear idea about photography, frame, color, etc. From where the work of the editors ends, the work of the engineers and technicians in the master control room begins. They are the last to air a TV show. If a new graduate wants to build a career in video editing, he or she must first learn to work as an intern/trainee.

In the initial stage, a full-time worker gets a salary of 10-15 thousand rupees. However, with proper work and perseverance, working in this department, a video editor can become a senior or chief video editor in a very short time. In that case, their salary structure is from 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

Engineer (video, audio, and broadcast)

Editors usually work with audio engineers, video engineers, broadcast engineers, and technicians to make an event understandable. Finally, the engineers air a TV show through the master control room. Newly graduated engineers (usually CSE, EEE degree holders) can build a career in the Broadcasting Department. Initially, their salary is 15 to 20 thousand rupees but with experience, they also get a salary of 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

Director of Photography

He is basically in charge of light control. He is also responsible for the creative use of the camera. A Director of Photography controls cameramen, assistant cameramen, and camera operators. A new graduate can gain experience through work as well as become a Director of Photography with the right labor and intelligence.


It is not just a matter of building a career in the media. This is a huge field and there are a lot of opportunities to work accordingly. You can also build a career in media as a facilitator, copywriter, database administrator, graphic designer, choreographer, make-up artist and HR, sales and marketing, accounting, finance, event management worker.

The main function of the facilitator is to provide logistical support (e.g., programs, broadcasts) to other departments. They basically provide all the ancillary things that the departments need to create programs and news. Anyone can get the opportunity to work in these professions by acquiring minimum qualifications (undergraduate/postgraduate degree).

Undergraduate/postgraduate degree holders in various subjects including Accounting, Finance, HRM can also build their career in media according to the field.

Study and training

There are opportunities for study and training in journalism in various public and private universities and private institutions. Among the government universities, Dhaka University, Rajshahi University, Chittagong University, and Jagannath University have departments of Mass Communication and Journalism. In addition, private universities include Stamford University, Daffodil University, and the University of Liberal Arts.

Among the institutes imparting training is the Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB), Center for Media Research and Training (MRT), the Bangladesh Institute of Journalism and Electronic Media (BMJ), Bangladesh Computer Council, National Media Institute, World Art Center, Kingbat. House, Center for Advanced Media (CAM), Dhaka Photographic Institution, Chanchal Mahmud School of Photography, etc.


In our country, the field of work in TV channels is increasing day by day. Many people call this field a challenging career. If the person has an interest, ability, and creativity, it is easy to take place in this case. Anyone can build a career here with good training without studying media-related subjects.

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