What problems do freelancers face?

What problems do freelancers face?
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When it comes to working with freelancing, there are endless possibilities as well as some problems, do freelancers face there is no set time to work, the client has to show the progress of the work whenever he wants. It can affect your daily personal life. The monthly income of those who are new to freelancing can fluctuate considerably.

Not all clients have the same promise, even if the work is done, some people pay the full payment later than the promised time. In Bangladesh, this profession has not yet received much social recognition. However, people’s attitudes are rapidly changing.

Some exceptional marketplaces for the freelancer This graphic design-based site is awarded prizes through competition. And the prize money of this site is much better than any other site. Here the client will give the job description as per his demand, you don’t have to make an application to get the job.

You will design according to the needs described by him and upload it on the competition page. The client will see your design. Many more designers like you will upload their own designs to the client. He will choose the design that the client will like and in the end will give the prize or project money to the perfect designer. Themeforest is a popular site for graphics designing work. Graphic designers can sell their design templates here, and developers can sell HTML and CSS coding as well as design. Themes are sold in ThemeForest, and Graphicriver for selling graphics, CodeCanyon for selling code, Photodion for selling stock photography, and 3Dation for selling 3D animation are quite popular marketplaces.


  • A large part of the freelancing projects come from western countries, our time difference with them is 5 to 12 hours. Bidding starts almost as soon as simple projects are posted. So you need to bid at night at the beginning of your freelancing career.
  • To understand whether the work is genuine, first of all, take a good look at the account of the person who posted the project. Check out others’ feedback about him. See if the payment is verified. When you get the project after bidding, ask him how he wants to pay, when he can pay.
  • Try to retain good clients. You will not get the same usage from all the clients, try your best to retain the one whose use is better. In the future, you can get a good project with his hands.
  • If you have Escrow service in the marketplace where you are working, make maximum use of it. Escrow is a money deposit service in the marketplace that ensures you get paid at the end of the day. When talking about a project, you can ask the client to deposit the entire amount of the fee in Escrow. Once the money is deposited in Escrow, the client cannot take it back. When the project is over, he will discharge the money from Escrow to your account. If your client does not pay, you can claim your dues from the appropriate authority through this Escrow service.
  • Employee interviews are arranged for some projects. It is better not to bid on the projects for which the interview has already started, because since the interview has already started, the chances of getting work from them are much less.
  • Learn to handle work stress. The workload in the freelancing profession is not always the same. Controlling yourself when the pressure is too high is a big challenge. Develop a good eating habit as a prelude to this. Maintain punctuality.
  • Keep an eye on modern technological advances. Try to improve the quality of your work all the time. This will help you maintain a good profile.
  • Without accepting any project proposal suddenly, think about whether you can complete the work 100 percent.
  • You have to give a cover letter while bidding in some marketplaces. In this case, the cover letter must be relevant. Do not use the same template in all cover letters. Try to make all your cover letters yourself, it will show your creativity.
  • Always keep your work area clean and tidy. Be sure to take a break in between work. You can keep a small notebook with you to remember your daily activities.
  • Maintain professional dress and manners during any contact with the client or during audio / video interviews.
  • Be sure to ask the client if your work is liked. You can learn a lot from client feedback.

What is the best outsourcing site?

The three most popular marketplaces among Bangladeshi freelancers are,, Bangladesh is in a very good position in these three sites.

Odesk is the largest outsourcing company. Bangladesh now ranks 3rd in this largest marketplace for freelancing. There are currently 6,000 active Bangladeshi freelancers in Odesk and the participation of Bangladeshis is increasing day by day. For this reason, Odesk has organized ‘Contractors Appreciation Day (2012) in Bangladesh and all the top officials of Odesk have visited Bangladesh on several occasions on behalf of Odesk. In 2009, Bangladeshi freelancers did 2% of Odesk’s total work. By 2012, that stood at 12 percent. In the quarter of 2012, Bangladeshi freelancers worked 620,000 hours at Odesk. has more than 25,000 registered freelancers. The position of Bangladeshis is also satisfactory on the second popular site Bangladeshis do a lot of social media marketing and search engine optimization work on this site. Many Bangladeshi programmers have now started working on as the latest site was bought by a freelancer.

Bangladesh is also at the forefront of other popular online marketplace Alliance. In a recent report, Ilan’s authorities named the top 25 countries in the Contractor by Geography category. This list contains the name of Bangladesh.

The United States is in the top position and India is in the second position. According to the published information, there are currently 39,195 Bangladeshi registered freelancers on the site (as of April 7, 2013). The average work cost of Bangladeshis here is 9 dollars per hour. So far, Bangladeshi freelancers have earned US 4.9 million from this site.

Bangladeshis mainly work on Data Entry and SEO / SEM / SMM. In addition, the amount of other work including Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content, Design, and Multimedia & Architecture. Spend more on web development or software development projects. Bangladeshi freelancers need to be more involved in such activities.

It can be seen that a Bangladeshi search engine optimizer works for 3 to 5 dollars per hour while a web developer in the United States charges 30 to 100 dollars per hour. He is able to charge such a huge amount of money only because of his skills. In this case, Bangladeshi freelancers need to acquire more skills.

The contribution of philanthropy to the economy of Bangladesh

Import-dependent a large part of the foreign exchange reserves we need in this country comes from expatriate Bangladeshis. In 2012, Bangladeshi workers abroad sent about 14 billion (Source: World Bank). Assuming a growth rate of 10 percent per year, it will be close to US 19 billion by 2015.

Let’s move on to the outsourcing industry. Freelancers in Bangladesh have earned more than Tk 365 crore in 2012. In 2015, a total of 443 billion will be outsourced. If we could take 10% of this market share, it would be about 45 billion US dollars and if we could take 5% market share, it would be about 23 billion US dollars, which would exceed the current largest sector of our foreign exchange earnings.

About 50 percent of our country is women. And a large portion of these women rarely does anything that affects the national economy. But if you want a large part of them, if you spend 3-4 hours a day at home, you can earn at least 3-4 dollars a day by freelancing as 1 dollar per hour. If the total number of working people is 6 crore, then there are 3.5 crore women.

Of these, if educated young women and women are half a core and it is possible to develop them as freelancers, then the income of 15 crores will come from this field every day. This amount of income will stand at 500 crore dollars per year.

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