What should you do when searching for a job?

What should you do when searching for a job
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This post is important for those who want to do jobs or business:

Two people are leading different lifestyles after passing out of the same law college. They have gone to a college, and their teachers are the same. At the same time, they took the test. However, one of them works like a typewriter outside the court, and the other is charging lakhs of rupees for a case in the court, but their educational qualifications were the same.

The lifestyle of 2 doctors who passed out of the same medical college is different. Both pass MBBS, both have one college, eat together, study together, and teach the same. However, one of them charges a visit of Tk. 50 and the other is Rs. 10,000.

Did any of you buy recent items here? Has any of the women bought sarees? A woman was asked, how much does your saree cost. He said 25,000. Now he tells me if Sabyasachi Mukherjee writes on this saree, how much will it cost? Definitely lakhs of rupees, right. So did I change? Clothes? Yarn? No, I changed tags, values, meds, or differences. Remember one thing, your income will never exceed your qualifications. I’ll tell those who are listening to me one thing, don’t run after money if you want to increase income/income. If you look at increasing the value, the money will turn behind your value.

The words I have said so far are that of Sonu Sharma, the famous Motivation Speaker of India. He talked about brand value at a seminar.

Now let’s say, many of us dream of becoming jobs or new investors. Many consider it a successful incentive to earn a lot of money, while others may or may give up while working on brand value. Again, even those who have earned money without creating brand value cannot go too far.

The concept development I am doing for job seekers is completely different in the Market of Bangladesh and everyone knows this. Since it’s different, its attempts to create brand value have been there from the very beginning. That’s why I follow a standard procedure. For which the brand of this concept focuses on value.

After 2 long years, we were able to create the brand value of this concept. Not only that, the less we accepted before we created this brand value is now coming down. Now job seekers are getting interested and registered. There are 3-4 people every month. At a time when it will leave 20-30-50 people, a well-organized team will be formed and will work only for qualified job seekers. And on the same day, this concept will be successful which will be called brand.

The brand value we created today is a big deal. For now, 9 jobs have been confirmed thru us. 382 companies have registered. Eleven high-ranking official sirs are collaborating to select qualified candidates. The most important thing is to register the highest quality candidate, which is a big deal.

Since our job portal Concept has become a brand, we have started working on this concept development. The entire website is once again re-structured and many contents edited which can only be found by companies and registered candidates.

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