Whopper Plopper Walmart

Whopper plopper walmart
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Is it true that whopper Ploppers work?

The Whopper Plopper may be used anywhere a bass will strike a topwater, but Watson likes to use it on rocks. For me, it’s all about the rocks.

For a whopper plopper, what is the greatest line to use?

The 110mm Plopper works well with a medium-heavy to heavy 7 or 7 12 foot pole with 14-17 pound monofilament (or 30-pound braid). A 7 12 foot heavy rod or medium swimbait rig spooled with a 50-pound braid or 20-pound mono would enough for the 130.

Is it true that whopper Ploppers work for trout?

Because trout, snook, and redfish are just as willing to bite topwater lures as bass are, I believed they wouldn’t reject the Whopper Plopper. This is why a redfish’s back will emerge from the water immediately before it attacks a topwater bait.

What’s the deal with my Whopper plopper spinning?

The plopper features a body with a fixed-line eye and a free-spinning prop for a tail. Because the tail prop is visibly caught up, your line should never twist unless the entire body of the bait is spinning. Simply play with the tail to ensure it is clean and free of debris, as well as that the shaft is not bent.

Who is the inventor of the Whopper Plopper?


The Whopper Plopper was initially designed for musky by Dahlberg and the guys at River2Sea, but when largemouth and smallmouth bass started pounding it. It was changed to match the demands of bass fishermen.

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